What is Medipim?

The most comprehensive online database of medicinal, parapharmaceutical, and cosmetics products, exclusively for medical professionals. Integrate and use our product images and documentation in all your applications.

  • Currently contains information for around 150,000 standard articles such as medicinal, parapharmaceutical, and cosmetics products.
  • The Medipim platform is updated daily. The collection and supplementation of data from various medical sources make it the most comprehensive database in Belgium.
  • Medipim is integrated with webshops, apps, robots, and touchscreens via the API.

For whom is Medipim intended?

The platform as a basic subscription

This basic subscription allows access to all the product and image information of more than 150,000 pharmaceutical products online.

Use Medipim in partner solutions

Use Medipim images and product information in a platform developed by a partner.

Integrate Medipim into your custom solution

Use Medipim images and product information in your customised webshop or app.

Medipim for industry & producers

Share your product information with 2500 pharmacists and in 900 webshops in Belgium, directly and automatically.

Medipim is an initiative of

Febelco is the largest medical wholesaler in Belgium and supplies nearly all medicines and health products. A permanent photo studio for Medipim's image material has been set up in Febelco's warehouse.

MediPlanet – PharmaPlanet supplies information to more than 30,000 doctors, pharmacists, veterinarians, dentists, and other health professionals every day. MWS uses its know-how and network within the medical sector to enhance the Medipim platform.

Baldwin is a full-service e-commerce agency that has developed more than 100 webshops. Baldwin’s developers have designed the platform and the API to integrate with any open and closed platform.

Our team

Maarten Deboo

Maarten Deboo

Operational Manager

maarten@medipim.be | 0498 84 34 22

Nele Deprez

Nele Deprez

Content Manager

nele@medipim.be | 0498 84 34 22